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Indonesia double clearance door to door cargo service

Clearance Business

LCL / FCL door to door service

Consignor and consignee without import and export rights, can be an individual, trade companies, factories, institutions, non-profit organizations. Pinxiang bulk cargo simply sent to our warehouse, our customers in multiple warehouse goods into containers, the unified arrangement of the export declaration, booking shipping, port of destination unified tax clearance, Jakarta warehouse arrangement according to customer needs or contact customer delivery to the warehouse delivery.

The entire cabinet clearance, customers only need to inform the warehouse / factory address, Division I for trailers to the warehouse loading, customs clearance, shipping booking, destination tax clearance, warehouse unloading the container pulled customer delivery.

They're calling for some customers need to do, our agent is reported to provide services, customers simply paper declaration Express card to the Division I operating unit can be.

Construction supplies clearance

China in recent years a large number of enterprises to invest in Indonesia, the construction of the project, the Indonesian local engineering machine is mainly dependent on imports, several high rental costs, so a lot of engineering equipment, vehicles and other materials to be transported to the site from home. For the machine after the construction is completed need to be re-exported back home builders application for registration of the relevant licenses for a long time, part of the construction bulk tools, supplies need from domestic procurement cut can not be normal customs clearance, Division I offers Indonesian temporary import clearance services and tax package clearance (FCL / LCL double clearance door to door).

Temporary Import and Export Exhibition

In recent years, governments around the country are strongly encouraged to support the factory "go out" provide subsidies for some enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions; Indonesia is the most populous countries and consuming countries, and the various industries are relatively underdeveloped, a large number of domestic factories to participate in various exhibitions held in Indonesia , part of the popular show more than a third of our domestic factories, a large number of high-value samples at the end of the exhibition in Indonesia need to apply for re-export back to China or other countries. To this end, our company introduced Indonesia Exhibition clearance services, apply for temporary import customs clearance in Indonesia and re-export clearance for all exhibitors.

Indonesia's general trade agent

In recent years, Indonesia's tax system gradually mature, the need to provide local importers sell goods when VAT invoices, but did not apply for full import procedures can not issue proceeds from the invoice, which was asked to pay an overdue tax (repeat taxes) and fines tax authorities.

Part of Indonesia customers / buyers are individuals, not for the corresponding import and export license, the license expired, do not want to spend energy and resources on clearance or do not want to directly face the customs.

Therefore, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce procurement requirements of domestic suppliers in Indonesia to help find local trade agency services, helping its low-cost goods imported legally. Division I in Indonesia with a number of qualifications and documents are complete large trading agents to establish a partnership, and the right to import and export licenses covering more than eighty percent of the merchandise category. As I Division specializes in Chinese - Indonesian double clearance door to door one-stop service, focusing on clearance of Indonesia, a good reputation in the Indonesian customs systems, integrated low cost, we can provide customers with professional, high-quality, low-cost Indonesian general trade agent service.


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